A. Early Years (1975-1995)

With expansion of the commercial area and the addition of golf courses on the west side of highway 27/441, residents wanted golf cart access to the facilities on either side. The POA, VHA, and C.I.C. partnered in support for a highway crossing, and the Developer responded by obtaining approval to build the existing golf cart bridge over highway 27/441.

B. Mid Years (1996-2004)

POA Surveys - We conducted five Surveys through the Bulletin over the years detailing attitudes about life in The Villages. Some of the actions were later addressed by the developer and the Center Districts. Violence on the Squares We reported in the Bulletin on several instances of violence on the Squares. As a result, Center District administration worked with local law enforcement to provide a heightened law enforcement presence on the Squares.

C. Current Years (2005-2015)

Several live oak trees were illegally cut down with no one taking responsibility. The POA offered a solution: all the residents in that neighborhood would have to share the cost of replacing 12 trees at a cost of approximately $50,000 unless someone (preferable the perpetrators) come forward (announced or unannounced) to pay for the replacement. Someone did come forward anonymously and the case was closed. Suddenly, a golf cart trail on Developer's owned property between Paradise Drive and The Villages Health System East Campus was blocked by a wall cutting off this path and leaving some residents on the wrong side with no way to get past. After much discussion, the wall was removed.