C. Current Years (2005-2015)

  • Sloppy work and installation procedures characterized the building effort of SOME OF the contractors for homes in The Villages, south of CR466, in the 2005 - 2008 time period. A POA sponsored committee inspected the vinyl siding on over 1500 houses in The Villages and worked with contractors to replace the vinyl siding on many of these homes.
  • The Developer tried to force a $168,000 repair bill, on the residents of CDD4, to repair a sinkhole on his Nancy Lopez golf course. Although he eventually paid the bill, the Developer cited a mistake, by his and VCCDD attorneys who failed to complete the necessary paperwork to formalize the requirement that residents pay. Had this paperwork been completed properly, residents would have been stuck with the bill.
  • The Villages is part of the Lightning Capital of the United States. The POA lead an initiative that history shows well over a century of experience demonstrates that lightning protection systems are effective in mitigating the potential disastrous effects of lightning provided that they are designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with the national standard on lightning.
  • POA discussions demonstrated that the Free Wind Mitigation program would reduce home insurance bills for homes in The Villages which meet certain requirements for sturdy home construction. Many residents benefited from those inspections and reductions in their homeowners insurance.
  • The POA was in the forefront in advocating action on defective roof shingles purchased from Owens Corning. This action continued for SEVERAL years prior to all the problems being resolved.
  • In response to complaints of loss of Freon in the underground copper tubing lines of some air conditioning systems, the POA, in conjunction with contractors, found the problems attributable to a number of factors, including poor copper piping, bending of pipes to go underground, and bad welds.
  • There have been issues with cell phone reception, in some homes and in some areas of The Villages, thought to be caused by lack of cell towers. In working with the companies, the POA has made limited progress with some companies involved.
  • The POA brought to the attention of residents, a voluntary recall of GE dishwashers because an electrical failure in the dishwasher's heating element could pose a fire hazard. Those involved were able to obtain a replacement.
  • The POA has established a committee to research the possibility of a self-insured fund of interested homeowners to cover the expense of sinkhole losses that are not catastrophic and thus not covered under their homeowner's insurance policy.