V - Legal

C. Current Years (2005-2015)

The Lawsuit Settlement - 2004-2008

We started a Legal Action Fund to give us the flexibility to pursue legal actions when necessary. Villagers made generous contributions. The Fund was a critical resource, in 2007 and 2008, when it was used to pay some of the legal expenses in the 2008 Lawsuit settlement with the Developer. Villagers achieved a friendly class action lawsuit settlement with the Developer in 2008 valued at $43 million. The key points of the settlement were:
  • Provision for Reserve funds for eventual repair and replacement of our facilities north of CR466;
  • Provision for renovation of the recreation trails north of Hwy 446;
  • Creation of the AAC (Amenity Authority Committee) which allows residents elected by residents to make decisions about the expenditure of amenity funds north of CR466; and
  • Payoff of the Paradise Recreation Center renovation debt.

The POA feels strongly that the Chapter 190 Florida Statute law that created Community Development Districts (CDDs) should be reformed to eliminate abuses that we see here in The Villages. Specifically, we think that residents should be able to elect the supervisors in the Central Districts (the VCCDD and the SLCCD). These are the supervisors who make all the big money decisions in The Villages - and they are effectively appointed by the Developer of The Villages. Residents have no say in these matters. This is like Taxation Without Representation. The POA is working to change the Chapter 190 law.

The District Manager thought it was unnecessary to publish the financial details of the two Center Districts, the VCCDD and the SLCDD. Prior to then, the District Manager said that it was not important to provide that information to residents. Thankfully, the Center Districts now routinely publishes this information and includes it on their website (

Some residents opted to pay off the bond on their home in full. For a time, there was a miscalculation of the interest due at the time of payoff. Those making payments were being charged interest for the year (TO THE END OF THE YEAR?) following payment due to this error. The POA obtained a list of affected residents and former residents to advise them of this overcharge.