A. Early Years (1975-1995)

In 1975, a group of concerned property owners met to consider options, available to them, which would provide a more effective means for addressing individual and/or group issues in collaboration with the Developer. The result of that meeting was the chartering of the ORANGE BLOSSOM GARDENS PROPERTY OWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. [the forerunner of the current Villages Property Owners Association (POA)] as a non-profit corporation on November 20, 1975. The objectives of the original charter, and bylaws, were to promote good will, friendship and understanding among residents, and to assist the Developer in establishing a community which would be beneficial to both the Developer and property owners. Amendments, at a later date, extended the objectives to include support of legislation at all levels of government, which protect the rights of residents. Residents were also to be advised of any legislation that would affect their retirement lifestyle and property investment.

B. Mid Years (1996-2004)

Bulletin Started September 2002

Prior to the creation and distribution of The Bulletin, the POA website consisted of a one page description of topics that hyper-linked to various articles. The Bulletin is displayed at ( each month and the Archives section displays the Bulletin back to 2002. It expanded from 4 pages, in 2002, to the 24 pages we have today. The operation now has a budget of about $70,000 and advertising covers a larger share of expenses. Huge strides in attracting advertising, by hiring a paid salesperson, has made it cost-effective. This alone pays a significant portion of the Bulletin's expenses.

C. Current Years (2005-2015)

  • The POA developed a Special Discount Program for POA members sponsored by various Discount Partners in The Villages and the surrounding central Florida area.
  • The POA took the initiative to review the causes and outcomes of golf cart accidents. Utilizing this information, the POA promoted the idea of golf cart installing seat belts.