Mission Statement

The Property Owners' Association, Inc. (POA) is the original property owners' group in The Villages. Established in 1975, the POA operates with complete independence from the Developer of The Villages. Membership is open to all property owners and residents of The Villages. The POA is committed to acting as a watchdog to ensure that the Developer and local government are responsive to the needs, interests, and rights of residents. Reporting, explaining, and acting on behalf of the residents. Most often, we can do that in a civil and collaborative manner.


The Property Owners’ Association, Inc. (POA) is a champion for the rights of residents of The Villages. Guided by member input, investigation and determination, the POA brings attention to and acts on issues that may impact property values and quality of life

Strategic Plan

The POA provides:

  1. A forum for discussion of issues;
  2. Research and analysis;
  3. Programs of interest; and,
  4. Is a conduit for objective and accurate information. Specific attention is given to resolving housing, community and local government issues.


  • Independence
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Respect
  • Fairness

Declaration of Independence

The POA is free of any outside influence. This is the only way we can assure our members of absolute autonomy to act on their behalf. From the very beginning in 1975, we recognized this need for independence, and we’ve cherished and nurtured it ever since.