Q. Why should I become a paid member of the POA?

A. Membership means more.  Be a part of the only organization in The Villages that has been the champion of residents’ rights since 1975.   Read more about Member Benefits! 

Q. How do I get a POA membership card?

A. On the POA website, you can print a membership card.  That webpage may ask you to log in to your POA account.  That webpage also contains instructions on getting a card if you do not have a printer.

Q. How do I change the Bulletin Delivery Preference?

A. If you are already logged on to this website, go to “My Account.”  This is an excellent time to update all your data in your profile, including your “Bulletin Delivery Preference.”  When you complete your changes, select “SAVE ALL CHANGES” near the bottom of the form.  

If you are already a paid POA member (or a Guest Member), you can use the “Membership Login” on this webpage. 

You can Join the POA as a regular member.   Or you can create a free Create Guest Bulletin Delivery Account that only allows you to specify your POA Bulletin Preference but does not have the BENEFITS of a regular POA member. 

Q. What do you do with the information on the membership form?

A. That information is entered into our database and used for internal use ONLY.

Q. If I pay my Dues in July, are my Dues Due next July?

A. Yes!   Since June 2020,  your membership expires on that date next year (anniversary date).  If you joined for multiple years, it would expire through that number of years later.

Q. Can I pay my dues for longer than three years?

A. Yes, you may join for 1-10 years.

Q. Do you have a life membership?

A. Sorry, currently, we do not, but that could change.

Q. Do both my wife and I have to join separately?

A. No, our memberships are per household.

Q. Why does it say “Or Current Resident” on my renewal form?

A. We have to put it on there; it is a requirement by the Post Office because of our Bulk mailing permit.

Let us know if additional questions are needed on the webpage by sending an email to helpdesk@poa4us.org