Q. What do you do with the information on the membership form?

A. That information is entered into our database and used for internal use ONLY.

Q. If I pay my Dues in July, are my Dues Due next July?

A. Yes!   Since June 2020,  your membership expires on that date next year (anniversary date). If you joined for multiple years, it will expire through that number of years later.

Q. Can I pay my dues for longer than three years?

A. Yes, you may join for 1-10 years.

Q. Do you have a life membership?

A. Sorry, currently we do not, but that could change.

Q. Do both my wife and I have to join separately?

A. No, our memberships are per household.

Q. Why does it say "Or Current Resident" on my renewal form?

A. We have to put it on there, it is a requirement by the Post Office because of our Bulk mailing permit.