How do you find a Presentation / Meeting video and the presentation summary article in the series of POA Bulletins?

POA general meetings usually occur on the third Tuesday of the month.   And an article summarizing the presentation from the meeting usually appears on the front page of the following month’s POA Bulletin.   The meetings are live-streamed and archived on the POA website.  See the Home Page of the POA website to view the live streaming.

The table below shows the more recent POA general meetings starting with the next meeting.   Basic information about the presentation and a link to the specific issue of the POA Bulletin with the article summarizing the meeting is shown.

To view the video archive of the meeting, including the presentation, go to the POA Facebook Page, scroll down, and look for the meeting date.  The presentations usually start approximately 25 minutes into the meeting video; if you want, you can skip the first part of the meeting.  We suggest you first read the article in the Bulletin and then view the video if you want more detail.