The POA would like to thank the Developer, along with the air conditioning subcontractors who were involved, for taking financial responsibility for the repair and replacement of HVAC copper refrigerant lines, together with the cost of the repair and/or replacement of other air conditioner components whose failure is reasonably related to the failure or leaking of such HVAC lines due to corrosion.

In June, at the request of numerous residents (VHA members included), the POA took up the cause of broadening the original unwritten 'five (5) year window warranty' that was previously negotiated by the VHA. The POA, as should be all residents, especially those benefiting from this new broadened Service Warranty, is especially grateful to residents Ray and Lori Micucci and non-resident Dave Gott, who combined have spent several hundred hours meeting with residents, observing line set installations, researching failure issues, meeting with the Sumter County Building Inspector, collecting and organizing just under 200 complaint forms from homeowners, and assisting in the writing of the POA Bulletin articles on this subject which we ran in the July, August and September issues.

A copy of the new Extended Service Plan can be found on page ___ If you compare the contents of the Plan with the requests of the POA for coverage you will find the Developer has been responsive to the concerns the POA expressed and what we suggested would be a fair resolution. You will recall that in the last Bulletin we stated that, "…we recently learned that the Sumter County Building Inspector had not been informed of the large number of leaking copper line set problems and consequently we concluded that the Developer may not know of the severity of the problem; therefore, we will no longer assume that the Home Warranty Department is sharing the true extent of the problem with the Developer but instead, we are taking steps to insure that the Developer is fully apprised of all the information we have. Gary Morse came to the aid of The Villages residents in the class action lawsuit and we are hopeful that he will likewise address this issue."

Thank you, Mr. Morse, for stepping up and accepting financial responsibility by establishing the Extended Service Plan.

Note to residents who will be seeking coverage under this Extended Service Plan:   1) If you sent the POA the form with your receipts attached: If you sent us the original or copies and you did not retain a copy for yourself, please contact us at and we will return your copy as it will assist you in applying for reimbursement with the Warranty Department.   2) It was noted in the article in the September 16, 2011 edition of the Daily Sun that if you paid for this repair previously but do not have your receipts you should still go to Home Warranty with as much information as you have because, "…they are committed to solving all the issues related to the leaking refrigerant lines." 3)   You will find the required Request for Reimbursement Form on page_____ of this Bulletin.

The POA will continue to follow this issue as homeowners make their applications to Home Warranty for refunds of expenses related to the copper tubing that has already been replaced, and we look forward to hearing from residents who benefit from the Extended Service Plan.

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