Cost to Homeowner NONE ($0.00)
Effective Date September 15, 2011. See "Term" section below.
Coverage Repair and replacement of HVAC copper refrigerant lines, together with the cost of the repair and/or replacement of other air conditioner components whose failure is reasonably related to the failure or leaking of such HVAC lines due to corrosion.
Assignability Automatically extends to subsequent owners.
Term This ten (10) year term will cover new homes sold before and after the
Effective Date. Examples of how the term will be applied appear below.
A new home sale closing that occurred eight (8) years before the Effective
Date (September 15, 2003 will be covered by the Plan for matters falling
within the Plans Coverage back to September 15, 2003, and for an
additional two (2) years going forward so that the effective term of the
Plan is ten (10) years for the home. New homes sales occurring on
October 1, 2011, will be covered by the Plan until October 1, 2021. New
home sales closing prior to September 15, 2001 will not be covered by the
Limitations After September 15, 2011, all requests for work under this Extended
Service Plan must go through The Villages Home Warranty Department
(352-753-6222) so that the obligations of the manufacturers and installers
can be maintained. Similarly, all requests for reimbursement for past air
conditioner repair work will be processed by The Villages Home Warranty
Department. All future service work not going through The Villages
Home Warranty Department will void this Extended Service Plan.
The costs of simply upgrading an existing air conditioning system,
cosmetic changes, and other air conditioner matters not resulting from a
HVAC line failure are not covered by the Extended Service Plan, but
some of these air conditioner matters may be covered under the
manufacturer or installers warranty. Check with the Villages Home
Warranty Department if you have questions.

There are no warranties, express or implied, which extend beyond the
Coverage described above.

By H. Gary Morse, President