May 2, 2022 Katie Belle’s Apartments to be voted on by Town Of Lady Lake Commission

May 2, 2022 6 pm at the Town Hall, The Villages permit request for making 7 apartments in the 2nd story of the Van Patten House (Katie Belle's) and allocating 16 parking spaces for these apartments will come before the Town of Lady Lake Commission.

This petition will be handed to each Commissioner. They must vote for their constituents and not for themselves.

Please contact your Lady Lake Commissioner who represents you if you live within the town boundaries. Here is a list of the Town of Lady Lake Commissioners and their Ward area:

  • Ward 1 Commissioner Ruth Kussard (Chula Vista, Mira Mesa, Rolling Acres Apartments)

  • Ward 2 Commissioner Tony Holden (East side of 441 South of Water Oaks & West side of 441 South of Griffen View Drive – both South to Lake Ella Rd.)

  • Ward 3 Commissioner Ed Freeman (Water Oak, West side of 441 between Oak Street and Griffen View Drive)

  • Ward 4 Commissioner Paul Hannan (Lakes of Lady Lake, Silver Lake, Spanish Springs, El Cortez, Recreation Plantation RV)

  • Ward 5 Commissioner & Mayor Jim Rietz (Country Club Hills, Orange Blossom Hills, West side of Silver Lake)

Contact your Commissioner (state your Ward):

Commission Maps

Download a printable copy to bring to the May 2 Meeting

Please fill out this Petition today!