*** October 18, 2022 Membership Meeting ***

For many voters in Sumter County, The Villages Independent Fire and Rescue District Referendum is a very important issue because it will impact their property taxes. Many, who do not live in The Villages, will find that they live in the proposed fire district. If this referendum is on your personal sample ballot, then you live in the proposed district, and your property taxes will be impacted. In its October Bulletin, the POA of The Villages recommends that you vote NO. If you want to see your estimated property tax impact, The Villages Public Safety Department has provided a Fire District Assessment Rate Calculator.  (Hint: If you have a unique last name, only enter it. If you have a common last name like “Smith,” enter your last name and the numeric portion of your address like “1234” to limit the size of the list that appears.)
Also, you may be able to attend this POA meeting: (You need a Villages ID, to enter.)

POA General Membership Meeting
October 18, 2022, • 7 pm
Speakers: District Manager Kenny Blocker
The Villages Fire Chief Edmund Cain
Topic: Proposed Independent Fire District
Come to the meeting to get an estimate of how much the
new Fire District will cost your specific household!

The following recommendations are in the order that they appear on your personal ballot:

State Representative District 52: The POA has endorsed Ash Marwah. More info.

Justices of the Supreme Court and Fifth District Court of Appeal: The Florida Bar Association conducts a “Merit Retention Poll” of its members. The results of that poll are shown for the judges on your ballot. You should consider voting against judges with higher than average “Not Retain” votes, as indicated in yellow.

Constitutional Amendments: The League of Women Voters provides personalized Voting information for you where you can obtain more information about each of the three amendments to the Florida Constitution.

Races Within The Villages: Only residents of The Villages can vote

VCDD 2 voters only: Amenity Authority Committee Landowners Election, The POA endorses Richard E. (Reb) Benson. This does not appear on the General Election ballot.
  • A Landowner Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 (Election Day), to select a District No. 2 Representative for the Amenity Authority Committee (AAC) at the El Santiago Recreation Center in the Tiki Hut Room - This is a separate location than where you will cast your vote for the General Election.  You may cast your vote in the Landowner Election from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
VCDD 6 voters only: (On Sumter County Ballot) The POA has endorsed Linda Graesik.   More info
VCDD 7 voters Only: (On Sumter County Ballot) NSCUDD, Seat 3; The POA has endorsed Ellen “Ellie” Decker. More info
VCDD 9 voters only: (On Sumter County Ballot) NSCUDD, Seat 5: The POA has endorsed Daniel Warren. More info


October 25 - November 5, 2022
9 AM - 6 PM
Voters can vote at any Early Voting Location


November 8, 2022
7 AM - 7 PM
Voters must vote at their Assigned Precinct