Sal Torname

Sal Torname AED / Shred Coordinator

AED / Shred Coordinator

(352) 350-2218

Sal Torname AED / Shred Coordinator
Sal Torname AED / Shred Coordinator

Sal was born and raised in Massachusetts and became a full time resident of The Villages in 2011. 

He worked in the telecommunications industry for nearly 40 years starting with New England Telephone, now Verizon, and ending his career with General Service Administration, a Federal Agency providing communication services to other Federal Agencies. His assignments involved routinely working with large and small telephone companies and acting as a liaison between those companies and agencies to negotiate a variety of telephone agreements and contracts. 

While employed, Sal became active in many civic and charitable organizations including service on Conservation Commission and was elected to his town's Planning Board. 

He served as a Massachusetts Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner, from 1995-1997. 

Sal received a BS Degree from Salem State College in Business Administration and a MS Degree from Anna Maria Collage in Quality Management. He now lives in St. James village with his wife Kathleen and has two daughters and four grandchildren. 

Sal was elected to serve as a CDD8 Supervisor in 2012 and continues to hold that position.