Volunteers needed for Shred Event 2023

Active Participant in POA Shred Event

What:  The volunteer is expected to attend the April 15, 2023, POA shredding event.  In the past, this one-day annual event was very popular and well-attended.  Residents look forward to ridding their homes of paper documents that should be shredded for privacy.  A professional and licensed shredding company is contracted to receive the paper at this event and provides the shredding service.

Location: Wildwood Community Center, 6500 Powell Road, Wildwood, FL 34785, 9 AM-12 Noon.   The residents will start arriving at the location early as they queue in line.  Please be punctual to obtain directions and name tags and avoid confusion before cars begin to arrive. Please arrive at 8:30 AM to receive last-minute directions and check-in.

How: The Volunteer will select which duty they are interested in as described below.  Please choose before the day so we can move personnel to their preferred duty station. This one-day annual event has had a large turnout in the past. It is recommended that Ticket Checkers and Traffic Controllers bring a folding chair.

Ticket Checker will verify the driver has a Shred Ticket when they arrive.  These positions require standing and greeting residents.

The traffic will be guided through a well organize and controlled route intended to alleviate traffic backup onto Powell Road that will be monitored by law enforcement. Many Traffic Controllers along the route will display directional signs for visual assistance.

The Unloader positions are staffed by a team of people who rotate in and out to give each other breaks.  This work can be performed by women or men with the ability to lift 20 – 30 pounds. The process is the car will drive to the point where the shredding trucks are located.  The Unloader will remove a paper bag from the car and toss it into a shredder bin.  The maximum weight is 30 lbs. and paper is held in bags or boxes.  The owner-operator of the shred truck(s) remains on-site and ensures the bins are kept at a level that supports this work. The resident remains in their vehicle to keep the traffic moving. You will be handling sensitive documents and cannot allow documents to blow away while being handled and handle the work with care.

Additionally: Volunteers will be given a name tag that identifies them as POA Volunteers.  This is a very friendly staff of the Sumter County and Wildwood law enforcement detail, Wildwood leadership, Volunteers, and POA Members if the volunteer would like to participate annually in this event plan for 2024!

 Have fun with this and enjoy being an instrumental part of the Property Owners’ Association. 


Contact via Email   1presidentpoa@poa4us.og