Paul McNeill – Bagpiper

I play bagpipes in The Villages for funerals and club events.  My website is I live in the Village of Hemmingway and am a long-time member of the POA. I give a 10% discount … Read More

If / Else test

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*** October 18, 2022 Membership Meeting ***

For many voters in Sumter County, The Villages Independent Fire and Rescue District Referendum is a very important issue because it will impact their property taxes. Many, who do not live in The Villages, will find … Read More

Volunteer request for Shred Event 2022

Active Participant in POA Shred Event What:  The volunteer is expected to attend the April 9, 2022 POA shredding event.  In the past, this one-day annual event was very popular and well attended.  Residents look … Read More